Teehad place moisturizing body butter.#10,000 only.1kg

Do you know why our products are the best?

It’s because they are infused with amazing herbs, oils, butters, essential oils and lots of other ingredients that will:

* Soften your hair

* Make your hair longer, Fuller and healthier

* Solve common hair issues like, dandruff, itchy scalp, dry scalp, stunted growth, shedding and excessive breakage, head lice, repair damaged, brittle hair etc.

 All ingredients in our products are natural ingredients which means they are safe.

They are very effective.

They don’t have side effects.

You will get the valve of what you paid for.

How to purchase it:

* Send a DM stating your hair issues.

* Get recommendations for products

* Pay for your products

* Receive your products alongside a tailored routine to follow

* Follow the routine consistently as advised with the products.

Do all these and I assure you, your hair story will change for better

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